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X/Y Measurement Suite for .Net

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This is the X/Y Measurement Suite for .Net project ("xy-mess")

This project was registered on SourceForge.net on Feb 9, 2010, and is described by the project team as follows:

For starters a DirectX (Direct3D-Panel) A suite to display simple x/y/measurements, which has to be fast, because those analogue position encoders never "rest" at the same position and we want to see our table-position in realtime (mswin-realtime)

I provided some testdata (moden-test.rar) which will look like this if loaded :

After tesselation/showPlane-check and some moving around with shift-leftclick it will look like this :

The tesselation is VERY inefficient (takes 10 min. for 321x80 points).
All the rendering is pretty poor. I have no idea how this who 3D rendering thing works.

The whole program sucks, but if someone likes to introduce me to this whole programming shit, i will try to fix it.

PS: The program will look double shitty on win 7 and the unholy vista. I don't know how to set the dpi-aware flag.
PS2: But i think the HScroll bar works at least :)


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